Frequently Asked Questions:

What's the cost? 

There are typically two cost components. Umzuzu does not charge a "managed services" fee. If you don't need Professional Services, working with Umzuzu is free! 

Companies like Google, Dropbox, Microsoft, RingCentral, and many others have revenue sharing agreements with Cloud Service Brokerage firms like Umzuzu.

  1. The software subscriptions themselves, G Suite Basic is $5/month now and will be $6/month starting in April 2019 for example

  2. Professional Services

For migration projects we typically have a per user migration fee. There are many variables that impact this cost which can range from about $15 to $300 per employee. Typically the larger the organization, the lower their per user cost. We also provide professional services on an hourly basis per client approvals.

We use Microsoft Office.

No problem. Many of our clients leverage Microsoft Office in conjunction with complementary services from Google, Dropbox, RingCentral, and others. Umzuzu’s Microsoft Licensing Specialist can ensure you only pay for what you need. Often we’re able to save clients considerable subscription costs by leveraging a more appropriate subscription from Microsoft. Umzuzu is a Microsoft Silver Partner.

Can you work with our current IT resources? 

Yes, we typically do! Umzuzu is a very specialized resource. Specifically, we deploy Cloud Computing services into your organization. Most often we only interact with other on-premises systems and your physical computers when required. The current IT resources you've been working with continue in their same role during and after the Cloud service is provisioned. We are very happy to work with your current IT provider. Many of our largest customers are actually other IT providers. 

Can we keep our same email addresses / phone numbers / usernames? 


Is there any downtime? 


What specifically do you do for customers? 

We migrate, we support and we teach.  

Umzuzu moves people and data to the cloud. We help organizations leverage cloud services to their full potential across all their devices. We educate organizations on best practices, integration options, and new features and functionality. 

Why should I work with Umzuzu? 

 It never hurts to have someone with a vested interest in your success. 

With more than 10 years of under our belts, we have the experience, processes, and tools to ensure a smooth transition and to support you during as well as after your move to the cloud. This is a journey we take together.  

Your software subscriptions cost exactly the same. Our strategic partners like Google, Microsoft, Dropbox, and RingCentral expect us to help educate you about their services, help you successfully migrate data and personnel to their platform, as well as integrate the platform into your specific organization.

Where are you located? 

Umzuzu's headquarters is in Overland Park, Kansas - a suburb of Kansas City. Overland Park is Kansas' second largest city and consistently rated as one of the very best places to raise a family in the United States. 

How long have you been in business? 

Umzuzu was formally created in 2008 after several years of prototyping the emerging business models enabled by cloud-based technologies.

What type of business is Umzuzu? 

Umzuzu is not your traditional IT shop. Umzuzu is a new breed of technology company, enabled by cloud computing, called a Cloud Services Brokerage (CSB). The role of the CSB is pretty straightforward, lead other organizations to the very best software services the cloud has to offer. And ensure these services are utilized as efficiently and effectively as possible.  

What about Active Directory? 

No problem. Active Directory can continue to serve as your organization's LDAP directory. Profile data can automatically sync to your Google Apps environment. User's Active Directory passwords can be synced in realtime to their Google Apps accounts.