Better relationships.

Less work. More sales.

The best CRM for Google. Copper is a new kind of productivity CRM that's designed to do all your busywork so you can focus on building long-lasting business relationships.

A CRM system built for Gmail!

Built specifically for Google’s G Suite, Copper CRM helps companies organize and track sales opportunities and customer relationships right inside of Gmail. Copper is a new kind of productivity CRM. Designed to do all your busy work, so you can build and grow long lasting business relationships.

Copper does the work so you don't have to


Copper does the work so you don't have to!

Whenever you save a contact in Copper, we instantly populate the information related to that person, such as contact numbers, titles, companies they belong to etc. Information from email signatures has been found to be a highly accurate and a key source of contact information.


instantly See what's happening

Activity Tracking

When you login to Copper on your web app, Chrome extension or mobile apps, Copper dashboard presents you with activity feed. At first glance, you have the visibility into every activity on your Copper account.

Mobile apps for iOS and Android

Copper for mobile is designed as a companion to the Copper CRM Web App, to deliver a unified experience across devices. Identify, track, and optimize sales leads and opportunities. Manage your entire sales pipeline with our simple and visual tool, all from your iOS or Android device.

  • Zero-touch, automated data entry

  • Automatically log calls with the in-app tap and dial feature

  • Follow up consistently with automatic task reminders based on action triggers

  • Receive push notifications when new records are assigned to you.

  • Copper email notifications open directly in the mobile app when you open them on your phone.

mobile apps are a must!

mobile apps are a must!