Virtru: Email Encryption and Data Security

Virtru makes business privacy easy. Add encryption, access control, and data loss prevention to your favorite email, file sharing, and custom applications. Available for Gmail and Outlook.

With Virtru, you can send PHI-compliant encrypted emails, revoke sent messages, restrict forwarding, and set emails/files to auto-delete. Confidential info sent to colleagues and patients remains private, audit-ready, and protected.


Data-Centric Security & Regulatory Compliance

Military-grade encryption (AES-256) provides object-level protection for emails, files, and other data. You never need to trust your recipient or your provider to “do the right thing” with your sensitive information.

Enables compliance with privacy data protection regulations such as HIPAA, CJIS, FERPA, Sarb-Ox, GLBA, PCI, FINRA, and EAR, as well as data residency requirements.

Organization-wide Controls


Organization-Wide Controls

Set rules to automatically protect sensitive content before it leaves or enters your organization. Customize data protection rules to warn users, add encryption, notify administrators, and more. Determine if sensitive information is leaking from your organization, and prevent insider threats. Revoke access and control forwarding on behalf of your end users.


Revoke and expire Access

Total Access Control 

Protect emails and files from the time of creation throughout their lifetime – no matter where they’re shared. Users and administrators decide who can access their content and for how long. Audit access in real time. Revoke access at any time – even after emails and files have been shared or opened. See when someone shares your content, and prevent forwarding at any time.

Mobile apps for iOS and Android

The Virtru app can easily be installed from the App Stor or Play Store. Once installed and configured you’re all set to start sending and receiving secure messages on your iOS or Android mobile device.

mobile apps are a must!

mobile apps are a must!