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Even as I pursued my Master's in Education I knew I wanted to be involved in the IT field. The landscape is constantly changing, the pace of innovation is staggering, and well planned strategies can have a tremendous impact in a short period of time. 

I earned my first paying computer job in 1998 solely on my ability to fix a "sad mac." Several years later I was the IT Director of one of Kansas City's largest ad agencies. In nearly 10 years as the IT Director of MMG Worldwide I saw countless technologies come and go. 

The rise of Cloud Computing has foreshadowed the demise of the traditional on-premises client-server model. There are those that fear this change, and rally against it. I chose instead to embrace the new reality, leaving a fantastic traditional IT job to create Umzuzu and to help others through this transition. At Umzuzu, we help organizations "get there, from here."

I enjoy sharing the power of Cloud Computing with organizations of all types, Software-as-a-Service enables them to focus on their core mission and not on their IT.

Joe Tierney, Director of Cloud Services

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I fell in love with enterprise architecture at Cerner Corporation where I got my first taste of the modern data center.    

Modern Cloud Computing services take advantage of new hardware infrastructures, new multi-tenant software infrastructures, custom networks, leveraging new application capabilities, and take full advantage of brand new devices.   

To leverage the tremendous innovation taking place in consumer markets we must look in new places. IT teams must embrace their roots as the most disruptive and innovative business unit in the organization. Cloud Computing allows these teams to deliver more services, to more people, and across more devices than any of us ever imagined. I feel a deep responsibility to help as many organizations as possible take full advantage of modern technology services.