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Everyone says they’re easy, yet meetings always start late. The first 15 minutes of every meeting is wasted fumbling with the conference pin code, trying to figure out which dongle you need to screen share, or downloading the right app. With Highfive, meetings get started on time because it makes everything easier from start to finish.


No downloads


Easily join meetings directly in your web browser with no app downloads! Just click the Highfive URL and you’re in the meeting.

Simple URLs


People use words, not randomly generated numbers and letters to communicate. That’s why Highfive meetings include simple URLs that you can customize.

No pin codes


With domain-based security, meeting guests are entered into a virtual waiting room until someone in your company lets them in, so meetings stay secure without needing to know the secret word of the day.

No passwords


People already have a million passwords to remember, so it’s no wonder they end up just using the same one for everything. That’s not very secure, which is why Highfive got rid of passwords. Just confirm your sign-in request via your email and you are always logged in on that device.

Anyone can screenshare


With Highfive, there’s no more passing the baton. Anyone in the meeting can share the screen, even guests. Meetings run smoother when you don’t have to give someone permission to participate.

Unlimited meetings & minutes


Meet without limits. Just have your meetings without worrying how much you’re using Highfive. Nobody is limited to the meetings of a certain length or charged for using Highfive more often.

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