Everything you need to deliver exceptional Customer Support


Managed Team Inbox

Customer emails have this uncanny ability to fall into cracks, get lost in the woods, and push your customer service into a chaotic downward spiral. Freshdesk lets you collaborate with your team, drive insights and stay on top of your inbox, all day long.


 Ticket Management

Managing your customer support with Freshdesk is so easy, you already know it. Whether it is categorizing tickets or shooting it to the right support rep, all it takes is just a click. So you can pick up, assign and resolve tickets all day and still stay pepped!


Customizable Ticket Fields

Of course, your customer support is different. Deep customization capabilities in Freshdesk let you give each customer a support experience tailored just for them, in just seconds, with ticket fields and workflows that make sense to you.



Custom workflow

With Freshdesk, you get a built-in automation called the Dispatch’r to take care of all your tickets, even as they come into your helpdesk. Want refund requests to go to the finance team? No problem. Social media tickets should be automatically marked as important? Sure thing. The Dispatch’r is every support manager’s dream come true. It’s just a matter of pointing the Dispatch’r in the right direction and the right rule will kick in automatically and do what you want based on your conditions.