Check out some of the great options!

We have just about every make and model available. Here are a few systems that are currently popular.

Things to consider:

  • RAM 2GB or 4GB - a primary driver of cost!
  • Screensize 
    • Laptops range from ~11" to 15"+
    • All-in-One units 22"+
  • Durability 
    • There are several EDU specific devices ruggedized and ready for abuse

Typically most systems are available with 2GB or 4GB of RAM. The amount of RAM is a primary driver of cost. If a unit is for younger students, a public kiosk, or relatively simple tasks 2GB of RAM is a great option. For older students, power users, and those with more robust needs 4GB might be the way to go. It's always a good idea to test a few units first to test your assumptions.