Box vs. Dropbox: Two great platforms solving big problems

More than 90% of Fortune 500 companies are leveraging Box, Dropbox or both. Each platform offers a wide range of excellent functionality for the business and IT team. The companies, and platforms, do have some important differences though that you should consider when deciding which fits your specific use case the best. Holly Regan over at Software Advice pulled together an excellent comparison of the two platforms.

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Helpful app of the week: Quickoffice

​When you move your company to Google Apps, you're moving to a platform that is continuously improving. Many of these improvements are incremental, but others deliver entirely new functionality into your organization. Over the past week, Google has made Quickoffice Pro available, for free, to all Google Apps for Business customers. ​

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We've added Box as a strategic partner.

Umzuzu is very excited to have joined the Box team as a member of their Partner Program. Let's talk about Content Management. 

The mission of Box is simple, literally. The Box team is working to make sharing, accessing and managing content ridiculously easy. We think that's a great mission. Simplicity is tremendously underrated. 

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