SpiceWorld 2019 goes Chromebook!


Turn Your Frontline Workers Into Cloud Workers

Google’s John Matson gave a great presentation at this year’s SpiceWorks conference. This is my first visit to SpiceWorld, but I’ve seen dozens of Chrome OS presentations from Google. Once I have a copy of the presentation, I’ll share it here. Several things stuck out to me.


Packed House

SpiceWorks is full of people actually getting the work of IT done. This is your frontline, hands-on teams - where talk must become action. Although the session was extremely early in the conference (before the main hall or formal check-in process are even open) it was completely full. I think there were as many people in attendance as there were at Google’s Chrome OS event at this year’s Next conference in San Fransisco.

There’s little question a Chromebook can be provisioned more quickly and managed more easily than traditional operating systems Windows and macOS. A Chrome OS device may, or may not be, appropriate for the end-user being provisioned but that’s a different question.

The level of interest in the session and the conversations around the content show Google is onto something with Chrome OS (old news to many). SpiceWorld is far from a Google-centric event. Today’s session was telling. Supporting traditional operating systems isn’t much fun. Google’s strong investments in Chrome OS should give everyone a handy new capability for a wide variety of use cases.


Can haz all the hardwares

Chrome OS device hardware options are pretty much limitless. Every major manufacturer has made significant investments in Chrome OS hardware across all form factors. Several years ago Googlers often used macOS and Windows devices to deliver their presentations, not anymore. Pixelbooks are the gear of choice. Many audience members carried Chrome OS devices from Dell, ASUS, HP, Acer and others. These are very slick looking devices.

The Google Cloud team highlighted Dell’s new Latitude device as a great example.


Chrome browser dominance matters

You can run your organization 100% on Chrome. The dominance of the Chrome browser matters a lot for Chrome OS. Management is going to look around and see nothing but Chrome - here you know Chrome OS is a great option. A device effectively immune to ransomware and malware. Faster to deploy. Cheaper to maintain. Cheaper to buy. Chrome Enterprise has a bright future.