One of G Suite's most useful apps you're probably not using


employees spend 25% of their time searching for information


Google Cloud Search

You can use everyday words to describe what you want to find with Google Cloud Search. For example, you can search for sheets from joe tierney last week to find a spreadsheet I shared with you a week ago.

Cloud Search brings the best of Google Search and machine intelligence to G Suite. It provides both comprehensive search and proactive recommendations to help you throughout your day.

What can I ask Google Cloud Search?

Ask about events

  • My agenda tomorrow

  • My next meeting

Ask about content

  • Mail from Joe Tierney

  • Docs owned by Joe Tierney

Ask about people

  • A coworker's phone number

  • Who is a coworker's manager

  • Coworker's email address

How to get started?

It can be surprisingly difficult to incorporate new tools into our daily workflows. I bookmarked the URL and keep it front and center in my bookmarks bar. If you really want to geek out, you can even use something like to give the web app its own desktop app feel!