Dropbox is here to stay


Ubiquitous apps

There are applications that are so useful they are ubiquitous. Microsoft Word is a good example. It’s nearly everywhere. Is it the cheapest option? Nope. Easiest to use? No. Best feature set for the modern worker? Probably not. All that aside, people like it, they know how to use it, and (most importantly) it gets the job done. The cost is negligible. The User has determined the applications makes them more productive. They should have Word.

We work with thousands of organizations and hundreds of thousands of Users. Many CIOs are surprised to learn about another ubiquitous application in their organization - Dropbox. Dropbox is the Microsoft Word of file storage and sharing.

56% of the Fortune 500 leverage Dropbox Business. Dropbox makes their associates more productive - give the employees Dropbox! Unfortunately many firms have not realized this reality. Your employees are leveraging Dropbox to get their work done. THIS IS A GOOD THING! Amazingly in an industry plagued by adoption issues, we fail to realize the amazing value of organic adoption. Billion dollar companies have thousands of employees leveraging Dropbox to store, share, and collaborate company content and have decided the best option is to simply ignore the fact.

If your employees are leveraging Dropbox to get work done, you should give them Dropbox. More importantly, you should control Dropbox in the same way the firm manages other technologies - email, calendaring, the phone system, laptops, project management, Word, etc.

Dropbox Business is an easy, affordable solution to Dropbox’s ubiquity

What’s the next step? We provision a Dropbox Business domain and leverage Dropbox’s Account Capture and Invite Enforcement features to take ownership of company Users leveraging Dropbox. They are given the option to switch to a personal Username (jdoe@gmail.com for example) or login to Dropbox Business - your managed Dropbox environment. If you think an employee is worth a couple cups of coffee a month, then justifying the investment in Dropbox Business is a pretty straightforward calculation.

Not sure how much use you have or where to get started? Let’s talk. As a Strategic Dropbox Partner, we can provide many of services at no cost to you.