Using a cloud-based file server when you have slow internet service


Bandwidth challenges

Many organizations want to leverage cloud-based services, especially for remote employees. Remote employees often have the most direct access to customers. The ability to quickly access information can be a tremendous asset.

Unfortunately the business may be headquartered in a location with poor bandwidth. Manufacturing, agriculture. hospitality, health care, mining, and many other types of organizations often find their headquarters lacking in internet service providers - with little or not competition, there’s little incentive for these providers to offer more than the bare minimum.

LAN to the rescue

Thankfully our LAN doesn’t care out our internet service. HQ employees can easily work from our local server and traditional desktop apps typically don’t complain much about internet service. Everything’s great at long as you’re at the office.

What about our remote folks?

In this scenario, remote employees have typically adapted to life without firm resources at their disposal. They are likely using their local C: drive or personal cloud-based services to do their work. Phone call or email requests to HQ are common. Sometimes a VPN gets the job done but many just give up on that solution after frequent needs for troubleshooting.

What’s the answer?

Thankfully, there’s a really good one. Founded in 2007, about the same time as Umzuzu, Egnyte has been providing secure cloud-based file sharing and content governance as long as anyone. Egnyte has some wonderful tricks up its sleeve for this scenario. Egnyte’s flexible architecture allows for the implementation of a hybrid approach. Your HQ employees leverage the same LAN-based resources they’ve always known. Egnyte extends this same content to the cloud - everyone works from the most up-to-date content.

With Egnyte Storage Sync, you can transform any existing storage or server into a central access point. Employees in the office can access and collaborate at incredible LAN speeds, while remote employees can remain productive with the same set of files through mobile devices and access via Egnyte. Bandwidth limitations, access speeds and Internet outages limit traditional cloud storage solutions. Egnyte's hybrid technology solves these problems by combining the accessibility and flexibility of cloud storage with the performance of local storage. 

Egnyte automatically detects and synchronizes changes made between the cloud and local storage, ensuring employees have fast, reliable access to the latest files from any device and any location.