Sharing subfolders in Google Team Drives

By popular demand…

One of the most requested feature enhancements to Team Drives is the ability to share subfolders within a Team Drive. Good news! It’s currently scheduled to be launched this year!

The Umzuzu team had a great time at Google’s Next conference.

There are some amazing new features coming to Google Drive this year, including the ability to share subfolders in Team Drives. We’ve shared the entire ~50 min. presentation below if you really want to geek out.

ECM systems are aging out, and companies are confronted with the seemingly daunting task of what to do next and how to do it without major disruption. In this session, learn how Airbus is upgrading their legacy ECM systems with Drive, Google's content management and collaboration platform.

What does Umzuzu do?

Umzuzu is a Google managed G Suite partner. For more than 10 years we have helped organizations of all shapes and sizes get the very best return on their G Suite investments. It doesn’t cost anything to have a partner invested in your success!

If you're working to replace your file server or another cloud-based service with Google Drive, let us help! Team Drives and File Stream are now included in our Amazon-based backup service. Umzuzu even provides automated ransomware protection for Drive!