Cheap Chromebooks on Amazon...


Are they the same? 

We love Amazon. We use it constantly for business and personal reasons. Amazon has great prices on just about everything. From time to time, people will respond to our Chromebook price with an Amazon link and something to the effect of 'it's cheaper here' ... and sometimes it is. 

Not always

Let's take the extremely popular HP Chromebook 11 EE as an example 

Amazon Chromebook $178

Amazon Chromebook $178

Umzuzu Chromebook $193

Umzuzu Chromebook $193


Are these the same computer? They are both HP Chromebook 11 EE units. Same screen size. Same RAM. Same SSD storage. What gives? Why is Umzuzu selling at a higher price than Amazon? Physically these two units are just about identical. Amazon has it listed at $178. Umzuzu's is $193. 

What gives? 

Umzuzu distributes Chromebooks via Google's distribution network. Amazon vendors can sell Chromebooks from any source. The Amazon unit is actually the discontinued version of the device. Umzuzu only distributes the vendor's current version of the Chromebooks, we do not distribute hardware that the vendor has discontinued.  

Are discontinued units bad? 

No, not at all. I would assume the older device works well. But it is important to note it's not an Apples to Apples comparison. The current unit has and updated processor among other improvements. If you're looking for the device with the longest life, you'd want the newer device. If you're OK with an older unit, then Amazon has many great deals.