Move your server to the cloud, save thousands


The Cloud is ready when you are!


The Kidder Group was established in 1998 and has grown into one of the premier executive and technical recruiting firms in South Carolina. They have clients throughout the country while primarily focusing their efforts on clients within an hour of their office.

The President & CEO of the Kidder Group, Gary Tompkins, contacted Umzuzu because he instinctively knew the best cloud computing services could make his team more productive. Gary has a tremendous network with many great IT resources but he was looking for a firm with a laser focus on cloud computing services and cloud-based file servers.

Replace your server with Google Drive

Gary and team were working to migrate two on-premises servers to cloud-based file servers when they contacted Umzuzu. Right away we knew The Kidder Group was an exceptionally sharp team and we were very excited to contribute to their efforts.

We worked with Gary and his team to run our migration software against their source servers and seamlessly move their data to Google’s Team Drives and File Stream. We also worked with the team to enhance their use of the G Suite platform including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Hangouts Meet, and more.

“Working with Umzuzu was the best IT decision I’ve made in 20 years of business. In short order our team was up to speed and our data was transitioned to the G Suite platform. Umzuzu helped each individual on our team learn how to use Gmail and Calendar features quickly and efficiently; the time savings was huge over “trial and error” or just figuring it out on our own. Everyone on the team loves the flexibility of being able to log into our data from any device. When we do encounter an issue, Umzuzu will record a short video on how to solve the problem and share it with the team; often within 30 minutes of us notifying them.  Not only are we able to work more collaboratively, we expect to save approximately $20,000 this year in IT spend!” - Gary Tompkins, President & CEO

Smart executives like Gary know the best cloud services offer tremendous value. They’ve worked hard to intelligently incorporate technology into their practices. Our clients are often surprised just how close they are to pulling the pieces together. There’s an overwhelming amount of information available. Umzuzu has been deploying cloud services for 10 years, we cut right through the noise and get things moving. We’re business owners too and fully appreciate the importance of your time, capital, and productivity.

10x return on investment

The Kidder Group will easily realize a 10x return on their investment in cloud services and Umzuzu this year.