Google Partner, replacing CloudSherpas


Finding a new Google licensing partner

CloudSherpas, acquired by Accenture and their subsidiary Proquire, has informed their Google customers that they'll no longer be serving as their G Suite (Google Apps) Partner or providing Gmail and G Suite subscriptions. Sherpas was one of the ‘original’ Google Partners along with Umzuzu and several others including Beloit Solutions Group, also headquartered in the Kansas City area. Beloit was acquired by Sherpas, Sherpas by Accenture.

Umzuzu, being privately owned, has never had an interest or need for private equity and the associated pressures to “maximize investor returns”. We’re extremely focused on G Suite provisioning, deployment, adoption, and support. We are exceptional at the work we do and not interested in much else.

In addition to simply providing licensing, we will work with your team on a free review of your current G Suite Administrator Control Panel and best practices. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Security Audit & Recommendations

  • Licensing review and reconciliation

  • Active Directory Integration(if applicable)

  • Password Policy review

  • 2 Step Verification adoption / deployment

  • Mobile Device Policy and Enforcement

  • Chrome Enterprise configuration

  • Google Drive planning/ Team Drives

  • User onboarding/ offboarding best practices

  • User usage reporting

If you’re looking a new Partner, we'd love if you’d consider Umzuzu ... umm what? 

Umzuzu is a Zulu word for 'moment'. Moments define a day, a year, a life. They define businesses large and small and entire industries. Umzuzu was founded in 2008 (the same year as CloudSherpas). We knew the transition to cloud-based software services was a special moment in the history of information technology. We knew we could help organizations of all shapes and sizes with their moments of transition to the Cloud. 

Umzuzu is a specialized consulting firm solely focused on our work as a Cloud Services Brokerage (CSB). Our primary focus, by a wide margin, is the G Suite platform. It's been this way since we started the company 10+ years ago. G Suite is what we do best. We serve G Suite clients of all shapes and sizes all over the world from our Overland Park headquarters in the suburbs of Kansas City.