G Suite licensing, replacing CloudSherpas


Finding a new Google licensing partner

CloudSherpas, acquired by Accenture and their subsidiary Proquire, has informed their Google customers that they'll no longer be serving as their G Suite Partner or providing G Suite subscriptions. 

We'd like you to consider Umzuzu ... umm what? 

Umzuzu is a Zulu word for 'moment'. Moments define a day, a year, a life. They define businesses large and small and entire industries. Umzuzu was founded in 2008 (the same year as CloudSherpas). We knew the transition to cloud-based software services was a special moment in the history of information technology. We knew we could help organizations of all shapes and sizes with their moments of transition to the Cloud. 

Umzuzu is a specialized consulting firm solely focused on our work as a Cloud Services Brokerage (CSB). Our primary focus, by a wide margin, is the G Suite platform. It's been this way since we started the company 10 years ago. G Suite is what we do best. We serve G Suite clients of all shapes and sizes all over the world from our Overland Park headquarters in the suburbs of Kansas City.  

We can do a lot more than just provide a subscription

In addition to simply providing licensing, we will work with your team on a review of your current G Suite control panel and and discuss best practices. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Security best practices and considerations
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Password Policy
  • Mobile Device Policy and Enforcement
  • Google Drive planning/ Team Drives
  • User on-boarding/ off-boarding best practices
  • User usage reporting
  • Complimentary apps, services, and platforms
  • ...anything else on your mind