Migrate Google Drive to OneDrive


Migrating Personal or Business Google Drive to OneDrive for Business

Microsoft has done a good job of slowly improving OneDrive to work well across PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. While still behind the functionality curve compared to Google Drive, Egnyte, Box, and Dropbox - OneDrive is a great service and the right solution for many businesses.

You can migrate data to OneDrive from both personal/consumer Google Drive accounts as well as G Suite Google Drive accounts.

Once Office 365 is in place, you have the 'targets' for your migration. For consumer accounts, the process is somewhat similar to an IMAP migration. The personal Google Drive accounts do not have a central administrator (obviously). The migration service must authenticate via the Users' credentials. The User is not involved, they just need to provide their credentials. The entire process runs behind the scenes. We're also able to update changes so everyone can continue to work normally. When migrating from G Suite Google Drive, the process is less labor intensive as you can authenticate via Super Administrator credentials to access all accounts - source and target.

Relatively Painless

The process can be pretty painless. There’s no ‘downtime’ and the Users can continue to work normally throughout the process. You will want to make sure you understand any Google-specific features you’re leveraging like Team Drives, File Stream, Google file formats, etc.