Better together! Integrate your CRM with your phone system


Don't scribble on that piece of paper you're going to lose. Add notes right to the best CRm for Gmail!

RingCentral + ProsperWorks

RingCentral and ProsperWorks are two of our favorite apps. They work great with G Suite and connect our teams like never before. Now these two services work great together as well. If you have an active RingCentral Office account, you can now make and receive phone calls directly in the ProsperWorks app. With click-to-dial functionality you will save time on mis-dialing, improve data quality, and increase the accuracy of your team activity reports. And best of all? Each call (and corresponding notes) can be quick-logged in ProsperWorks!



The best CRM is the one you'll actually use. The new RingCentral integration is one more reason we think ProsperWorks is the easiest CRM to adopt for organizations leveraging G Suite. 

Several other benefits enabled by the integration include: 

Know which activities need follow-up
If you leave a voicemail on the call, you can log the outcome of the call with your notes. When you know what happened on a call, you know exactly what needs to be done to follow-up.  

No more toggling between apps
Save time by not having to toggle through different systems. You make and receive calls straight out of ProsperWorks, meaning there is no need to install a desk app – you can talk directly through the browser! When making or taking a call, the contact information pops up right in front of you.

Never lose call notes on a call
You can also take notes while you’re on a call, and they’ll be saved to your activity log with the click of a button. This ensures that all necessary data is captured, and stays in one place! Notes you are taking on the call will remain open until you save them, and the notes will be saved directly to your activity feed.

Access to better data
With data being quick-saved into the system, you’ll help guarantee that accurate data is entered into ProsperWorks. With consistent reporting throughout the funnel, you’ll get better insight into the activities that are helping your conversion rates.

What's next? 

Get in touch. ProsperWorks can be running in minutes. Customizations and administration doesn't require 1000 hours of training (looking at you Salesforce) and can be done by the sales manager or office manager. RingCentral can be up in running in minutes as well. You can even keep your current phone numbers at no additional cost.