Use Office 365 with G Suite


Umzuzu provides a wide range of Office 365 licensing options for clients with and without G Suite. Contact to make sure you know your options. 

Using Office 365 with G Suite

People are often surprised how easy it is to use Office 365 with G Suite. You can have 1, 10, hundreds, or even thousands of Office 365 subscriptions ready for your G Suite users in no time. Office 365 provides an easy way to get a handle on your Office licensing. It also makes it easy to reprovision licenses from former to new employees. Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS all setup in minutes regardless of operating system. 

Using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), your users can use their Google Cloud credentials to sign in to enterprise-cloud applications, including Office 365! 

Selecting an Office 365 plan...

There are A LOT of Office 365 plans. Which plan works best depends on your needs and the size of your organization. Many organizations have a mixture of different types of Office 365 license types for a variety of reasons. You will want to select a plan that does not include Exchange and other email related services. You'd just be paying for services you don't need! 

What about Google Drive? 



Google has made huge investments to support Office file formats. The recently released Drive File Stream was designed to give employees seemingly limitless access to Microsoft and other traditional file types regardless of their hard drive capacity. File Stream will also syce Team Drives with users PCs, Macs, and mobile devices for those organizations replacing their Windows file share with Google Drive. 

It's never been G Suite OR Office 365, it's always been AND

Employees love Gmail and Google Drive. Microsoft Word and Excel are as ubiquitous as the search engine. It's always been G Suite AND Office, Office 365 makes this winning combination easier to manage than ever before. 

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