Dropbox's new Smart Sync is here!


Full hard drives are bad


The cloud is wonderful. It's super reliable and storage is basically infinite. Dropbox Business, like many collaboration services, offers Unlimited storage. This is wonderful, but we quickly find out that there are still limitations when it comes to our PC or Mac. Sync too many of those Shared folders and you'll quickly deplete even the most generous hard drive. 

Kind of like Selective Sync, only better


Before yesterday, the answer to a hard drive stuff full with Dropbox was Selective Sync. This got the job done and was good, but not perfect. Why not? Because with Selective Sync, you don't know what you don't know. If you use Selective Sync and remove a folder from your local sync, you have to make a note, mental or otherwise, that you still have access to the folder. To see what's in that folder, you'd visit Dropbox.com. Not a big deal for many employees, but a sizable hurdle for those not used to working on the web. With Smart Sync, you can see (and search!) the names of files and folders, even if you aren't syncing them to your computer. 

With Smart Sync you can keep your hard drive lean and mean while still having super easy access to any file or folder you want! 


Getting Started

Thankfully, Dropbox has made the process very easy! Note this is a Dropbox Business feature. If you'd like to learn more about Dropbox Business or the process of migration Pro users to a Business version, drop us a note

1. Smart Sync is currently included as an Early Access feature. This means it must be enabled in the Admin Panel before you'll see the options. You might give it some time to show up at the user level. 


2. Once enabled by an Admin, right-click on any Folder or File and you'll see the Smart Sync options! For content that is 'Online Only' you'll see a cloud icon instead of the green checkmark icon. 


  1. You must be online to access "Online Only" content. Dropbox will download it to your computer when you attempt to open it. 
  2. If you'd like to use Smart Sync instead of Selective Sync, simply change your Selective Sync folders back to 'regular' folders, they'll automatically become 'Online Only' folders instead. 
  3. You can tweak your Smart Sync preferences a bit from your Dropbox preferences. 

We think it's pretty slick. What do you think?