The CRM for Gmail your team will actually use


Customer Relationship Management

Most of us know we should be using a CRM system. They offer dozens of benefits. Most importantly CRM systems help us understand our customers. CRM systems save us time. And CRM systems, when used properly, should help us grow our business purposefully. CRM systems improve our internal and external customer service. CRM systems keep us organized and much more!

The 'a' word

CRM systems are great and we all use them! Well, not so much. Why not? One word. Adoption. Traditionally CRM systems struggle with adoption for a simple reason. No one wants to do more work. Legacy on-premises CRM systems required a minimum of dual data entry if not more. Programs that live on our computer aren't very good at communicating with systems that reside on other networks. And our computers, while amazingly powerful, do have their limitations.

CRM in the Cloud

Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web to making sharing easier. The web makes sharing incredibly easy. Sometimes too easy :) But it's not just sharing for people, it also makes it easy for applications to share more information between each other. For example, whenever you save a contact in ProsperWorks, it instantly populates the information related to that person, such as name, contact numbers, titles, social profiles, companies they belong to etc. It will keep track of all your related Gmail messages and Calendar appointments. ProsperWorks knows the last time you used Gmail to talk to your contact. 

Bottom line 

I've been working with CRM systems for about 15 years. And I've always liked implementing them more than actually using them. I love being productive. I hate redundancy. With older, cumbersome systems from Microsoft and Oracle much of the time was spent copy and pasting data from where you work and the CRM system. ProsperWorks has all the features (pipeline management, reporting, forecasting, task automation, and much more) you would expect from a CRM system. But more importantly, you'll actually use it. 

If you need help, let me know. The successful adoption of a CRM system can change your business forever.