alternative for Gmail Users


A CRM built for Gmail is a very robust platform and with the help of Cirrus Insight, the integration with Gmail can be amazing. However, sometimes is more complex platform than we need to accomlish our goals. 

ProsperWorks is a CRM built specifically for organizations leveraging Gmail and Google Apps for Work.  ProsperWorks is a web application that runs on Google App Engine. The ProsperWorks Gmail extension lives right inside Gmail. Communications are synced automatically and adding new tasks, opportunities, contacts, etc. is a breeze. 

Great mobile apps

ProsperWorks is great on mobile

ProsperWorks is great on mobile

ProsperWorks includes dedicated iOS and Android apps for smartphones and tablets. Mobile apps are a must in today's workplace. 

Selecting a CRM

The right CRM depends on your goals. We appreciate ProsperWorks because of its easy Gmail-centric access and all the Google Apps integrations. ProsperWorks was designed from day 1 for Google Apps organizations. If your team leverages Gmail for Work, ProsperWorks is definitely worth a look. 

Give it a try and let us know what you think.