Enable Google Calendar's new notifcations


Out with the old

A love hate relationship with Google Calendar notifications is pretty common. The legacy notifications would completely take over your browser experience until you dealt with them. If you were typing, reading, whatever - Google Calendar notification stopped you in your tracks. 

Why? Well, in the "olden" days, there wasn't much other choice. Calendar needed to get your attention and modern browser desktop notifications weren't yet possible. For those coming from the Outlook world, a calendar notification was expected and a necessity. In the absence of more nuanced functionality, Calendar only had the nuclear option. 

In with the new

As Chrome and other browsers have added support for Web Notifications, Calendar now has a new opt-in trick!

Calendar now offers the option for Gentle Notifications. They allow you to continue working in other tabs uninterrupted. Can I get an amen! 


Turn them on in Calendar's General Settings

The new Gentle Notifications must be enabled and make sure to 'Allow' the notification when prompted by your browser.

It's just a few clicks in Calendar General Settings. You can also opt for sound. 

This is a great update for those who think the default notifications are a bit heavy handed. 

Give Gentle Notifications a try and let us know what you think.