Migrate Symantec Enterprise Vault to Google


Symantec Enterprise Vault is a popular solution used in conjunction with Exchange journaling and "message stubbing". Symantec Enterprise Vault is often used to address space limitations on the Exchange Server or to provide an eDiscovery repository for the legal team. For many, the hardware installed at the time Symantec Enterprise Vault was implemented has reached its end of life or has run out of disk space. It is time to double down on Symantec Enterprise Vault or move to a cloud solution without the local hardware and inherent limitations.

The IT team soon discovers that getting data into Symantec Enterprise Vault was much easier than getting data out. 

Umzuzu works with many organizations making the transition from legacy on-premises systems like Exchange / Symantec Enterprise Vault to cloud-based services like Google Apps and Google Vault. Getting data back out of Symantec has historically been a manual, labor intensive process requiring the generation of hundreds of individual PSTs to be migrated. Umzuzu partner Vault Solutions, has developed a better way.

Vault Solutions founder David Ouellette has been working with Enterprise Vault since 1998.  David was with the Enterprise Vault Product Management team when it was still a beta project at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). With his deep knowledge Enterprise Vault, he realized there was a great need in the marketplace to provide tools to help companies get their data back out of Enterprise Vault. 

Umzuzu has used Vault Solutions' tools to automate the process of migrating stubbed message data trapped in Symantec Vault over to Google Apps. Messages can be migrated to Google Apps user accounts, or skip the end user’s account and move the data directly into Google Apps Vault. Both the individual users and the Journal Archive can be migrated into Google Apps Vault.

Once in Google Apps Vault, you are no longer limited by the space and health of your local hardware. Google Apps Vault storage and retention are unlimited.

Please feel free to contact Umzuzu if you have data trapped in Symantec Enterprise Vault and are looking for an automated method to liberate your archive.