Is Google Apps for Work worth it?


The math says 'yes'

"The composite organization is a global B2B multinational services company with 10,000 employees using Google Apps for Work and $4 billion in annual revenue. The analysis they completed showed that this composite organization would realize millions in collaboration and mobility efficiencies in the course of three years." - Forrester

Here are a few highlights from the most recent Forrester Total Economic Impact report:

  • 304% return on investment (ROI)
    Over three years, Google Apps for Work generated a risk-adjusted $17.1 million in benefits, outweighing the total costs of $4.2 million and resulting in a risk-adjusted ROI of 304 percent.

  • $8 million in collaboration efficiencies
    Employees can streamline business processes by working together in real time using Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, creating project collaboration spaces in Google Sites, and accessing and sharing files with Google Drive. These collaboration efficiencies save employees up to two hours per week — which, over three years, adds up to more than $8 million in savings.

  • $9 million in mobility benefits and legacy IT cost savings
    Google Apps for Work creates an environment where employees can work together, share ideas, innovate, evaluate decisions and improve business performance — all without having to be in a physical office. The ability to work from anywhere and join meetings remotely saves the composite organization more than $5 million in 3 years, while decommissioning legacy servers, software and phone systems saves another $4 million. And $9 million can go a long way.