Office 365 licensing for Google Apps domains


You've got Google Apps but you need some Office apps

What do you do? You'll need an Office 365 subscription that will provide your employees with the desktop apps they need but not the services you don't. We know Office 365 subscriptions can be confusing, that's why we figured it out for you and developed Office 365 for Google Apps packages. 

Office in the ... office

Many organizations continue to leverage Microsoft Office after they transition to Google Apps for Work. Companies that do financially modeling may need Excel, attorney's may need Microsoft Word to interact with other firms, etc. 

Microsoft Office moving to subscriptions

We're quickly moving to a Software-as-a-Service world and so is Microsoft. Enter Office 365. Office 365 is undoubtedly very confusing but, in short, is a blanket term Microsoft uses for subscriptions. While Google has 2 options for businesses, one option for schools, and 1 option for government agencies, Microsoft has dozens. 

We can help

So, you're on Google Apps but need Office for some of your desktops, laptops and mobile devices. Which Office 365 plan is right for you? It depends, but we can help.