App of the Week: Grexit for Gmail


Grexit is an 'OG' in the Google Apps for Work ecosystem. The Grexit team has been delivering on their mission for years. It's a service we've always thought was very cool. 

They even have a free tier available! It supports 3 Shared Labels, up to 50 shared emails per day, 10 shared notes per day and 3 users. 

We enjoy Grexit because it's easy to setup and straightforward to use. It's extremely handy for customer support requests, task management, and team sales environments - think inside and outside sales or collaboration between a Sales Engineer and an Account Executive. 

Grexit can be used to delegate tasks to individuals or groups of individuals. Apply one Shared Label and one person or one group now gets that email, apply a different Shared Label and the email is "routed" to a different person or group. You can also use Filters to automatically apply specific Shared Labels, automating much of your communications and collaboration. 

Use Gmail's powerful search to quickly filter by Shared Label or combinations of Shared Labels ... 'Assigned' but not 'Complete' for example. Google will offer the search as an autocomplete after it's used once in each Gmail account. Grexit has built a nice little shortcut to do this as well. 

label:assigned -label:complete  

With the Gmail app for iOS or Android, Grexit even works great on your mobile devices since it's leveraging Gmail's Labels. 

Grexit is a great service that's quick and easy to test out. Give a look and let us know what you think!