Does Umzuzu support Net Neutrality?


In short. Yes!

Why? Because of you. We believe you should have the right to create, share and consume whatever legal content and services you would like. 

As customers we pay Comcast, Time Warner, AT&T, or Verizon A LOT of money to provide us with some level of data connectivity. In most cases we're paying multiple companies for this connectivity, data for our homes and data for our mobile devices. 


You paid for it.

Bundles of fiber optical cables are used to transmit light signals aka House of Cards is back!

Bundles of fiber optical cables are used to transmit light signals aka House of Cards is back!

Regardless of cost however, we do pay for a level of speed. Let's say 25 Megabits per second down and 10 Megabits per second up, typical shown as 25 Mbps down / 10 Mbps up or 25/10 etc. Shouldn't you get to decide how you use these bits of data carrying light beams? They're yours! Any app, any blog, any video, whatever - you should be able to use your bits the way you'd like. 


Who cares if Netflix has to pay extra?

We all should! We paid for those bits already. Remember we paid for 25/10 - we should get 25/10. Our Internet Service Provider (ISP) should not get to play favorites with our bits. This is the whole point of net neutrality. Today Netflix, Google, Facebook, Amazon and others are rich companies but this certainly wasn't always the case. Hardly anyone outside of the Google team thought the world needed another search engine. vs Barnes & Noble? No chance most people thought. Customers, not ISPs, should get to pick winners and losers. We paid for the bits, we should decide how they're used. 


Pay to play is bad for (our) business

We all run our own little versions of businesses while we manage our households. Without net neutrality ISPs target the services we enjoy and ask them to "pay up" or basically be blocked. This isn't a "what if" but an already happening. 

Comcast is a "last mile" provider. They connect from another provider to your home, this puts them in a great spot to create a toll road instead of the 25/10 road we thought was already paved. 


It's not politics, it's business

It's too bad this issue became so politicized in the United States. Although it is good to see support for Net Neutrality come from all sides. The real issue is not political or ideological. It's all about money. ISPs see an opportunity make money. That's why they're purposefully causing degradation to services like Netflix. Internet companies like Netflix and Google see a threat to their ability to make money and appreciate the role net neutrality played in their very existence. 


What about our money? 

We paid for 25/10. Should someone get to charge a toll on a road we're paying for?  It's like we paid for a new driveway and when people show up for the party the driveway people charge them to park. We think that's stupid. So, yes. Umzuzu is a very strong supporter of net neutrality.