What's the cost of moving 250-3000 employees to Google Apps for Work from Microsoft?



It's free. Literally

I think Google is tired of Microsoft reporting legacy Enterprise Agreement renewals as Office 365 sales. So they decided to take a page out of Microsoft's playbook and buy some deals.

What's the deal? 

Google will provide Google Apps for Work to the company at no charge for the remaining term of the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA). Google will also pay for the implementation of Google Apps for Work. 

  • Cost of Google for Work suite: Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Google Sites, etc? 
  • Cost of migrating mail, calendar and contacts from Exchange? 
  • Cost of Active Directory integration? 
  • Cost of AD Password Synchronization? 
  • Cost of training employees to use their new applications? 

$0. Zip. Nada. 

It's fun to see Microsoft competing again enough to get Google's attention. They even brought Outlook to mobile! Better 5 years late than never. Competition is good. It's good for Microsoft. It's good for Google. And above all else, it's excellent for customers. 

Ready to Go Google? If you have between 250-3000 employees, let us know. We're happy to send you a $0 invoice and get started.