How to select your default Gmail account

Gmail for Work

Using multiple Gmail accounts

Many of us using Gmail at Work have multiple Gmail accounts that we'd like to access throughout the day. Thankfully Google gives us several options when using more than one Google Account

Setting your default is easy!

When logging into multiple accounts in your browser, the first account you log into will become the default. To 'reset' your default simply log out of all of the accounts and then log back into the account you'd like to be the default. 

Have you tried Chrome Profiles? 

Learn how to be more productive by using Google Chrome Profiles.

With Chrome Profiles, you can have multiple accounts use Chrome on the same device, each with its own settings, bookmarks, extensions, apps, themes, etc. In this case, the most recently used Chrome Profile becomes the default. Chrome Profiles are how Umzuzu personnel keep their work Google Accounts and personal Google accounts separate. Chrome Profiles are also a great way to share a Chrome OS device or any computer with Chrome with other family members. Just make sure it's someone you trust. Anyone using Chrome on a shared device can switch to or see other Chrome profiles. By switching profiles, they can also see information such as browsing history and websites you haven’t logged out of. That’s why we recommend only sharing your device with people you trust.