Integrating Google for Work with RingCentral's Glip


Integrating Google for Work with RingCentral's Glip

Glip, now included with RingCentral Office

Glip, now included with RingCentral Office

Glip, now part of RingCentral, provides real-time messaging with integrated task management, video conferencing, shared calendars and more. The purpose of Glip is to make it easier than ever to keep everyone and their content on the same page. 

Glip allows you to easily create "streams" of conversation around any topic or project. You can continue to add context to these streams. Google Drive files for example, due dates, and other types of content. If you have RingCentral Office, you already have Glip. You can login at with your RingCentral credentials. 

Glip has several great RingCentral integrations. You can easily call your teammates, start a conference call, or even begin a video conference and screenshare with just a click! Glip can also integrate with Google for Work. 

Gmail integration

There are multiple ways to integrate Glip with Gmail. Each Glip stream has its own unique email address. You can simply Forward any email to these addresses, the content from Gmail, including attachments will land right in the stream. You can also easily automate this process with Gmail Filters. For example, you could create a Filter to automatically send emails from a particular client to a particular Glip stream. Or you could take advantage of the excellent integration service Zapier. Zapier puts the power of the API in anyone's hands, no development experience required. Zapier allows you to create "Zaps". For example, we can create a Zap based on a Gmail Label. A Filter automatically adds a Label and Zapier can automatically copy it to a Glip stream of your choice. The Zap could also run based on your manual application of a Label. Add the "Project A" Label and it can Zap to the Glip "Project A" stream.  

Google Drive integration

Google Drive integration is built right into Glip. When you select 'Share Files', you'll see Google Drive and the other leading content storage services like Dropbox. This ensures coworkers always get the most recent version! 

Google Calendar integration

Integration with Google Calendar is uni-directional. You can view Glip events in Google Calendar but not make any changes. This is OK, but not great. Bi-directional integration would be much better. Bi-directional integration would allow you to create and update events in either location - the Glip interface or the Google Calendar interface. 

To view Glip events, and Tasks if you'd like, you need to grab the .ics link. You'll then use the "Add by URL" option under Other Calendars in Google Calendar.