Helpful App of the Week: Inbox Pause


Fight Distraction

Inbox Pause is from the same folks who brought use Boomerang for Gmail and Android. Inbox Pause is a free Chrome extension the Boomerang team built for fun.  

Just like the name suggests, Inbox Pause allows you to temporarily stop incoming emails from being delivered to your Inbox. Instead they're held by a special Label and delivered to you as soon as you select the "UNPAUSE" button. Inbox Pause will also provide a visual indication you're paused, similar to the banner that displays when your vacation responder is enabled.


Many of us pride ourselves on our ability to multitask. Multitasking can be a very useful life skill, but it can also disrupt our productivity in many scenarios. 

A recent article in the Harvard Business Review compared this frequent task switching to check email with trips to the grocery store.

Suppose each time you ran low on an item in your kitchen—olive oil, bananas, napkins—your instinctive response was to drop everything and race to the store. How much time would you lose? How much money would you squander on gas? What would happen to your productivity?

There have also been numerous studies that task switching costs us precious time, as we orientate ourselves between tasks, as well as I.Q. points. One study suggests we would be better off smoking a doobie than constantly reacting to email!