Mobile Device Management in Google Apps

mobile device management.png

Mobile devices are playing an ever increasing role in our daily lives - both at work and home. Management of these devices has traditionally been difficult and cost prohibitive. Now Mobile Device Management (MDM) is available to every Google Apps domain for free. 

MDM for Android has been available for sometime and now Google has added iOS Sync for Google Apps. iOS Sync for Google Apps helps deliver the increased security needed to protect files, emails, documents and more on an iPhone or iPad. 

Google's Apps Mobile Device Management enables a wide range of administrative controls over employees' mobile devices. For example: 

  • Manage Google Apps: Set a policy that prompts employees to enroll their device when they log into Google Apps such as Google Drive and Gmail.
  • Configure WiFi networks: Distribute WiFi passwords and certificates to employees so they can easily connect to trusted networks.
  • Support for existing policies: Manage password requirements, data encryption and camera policies, as well as actions like remotely wiping a device, activation approvals and blocking devices.

Google Apps Mobile Device Management is available to Administrators of Business, Government and Education/Nonprofit domains.