Base CRM and Gmail integration


Base CRM + Gmail

Last month Umzuzu added Base CRM as a partner. One of our favorite aspects of the Base CRM system is the exceptional integration with Google Apps, especially Gmail, Calendar and Drive. Below we'll take a look at Gmail integration. 

Gmail Integration

Base CRM offers some of the best Gmail integration of any CRM available today. The service captures every message sent and received. With Base you don't have to remember any manual process, bcc email address, or any other information - Base simply captures everything and keeps it in the Base CRM Communications Center. The service then matches Contacts in the Base CRM system with the sending and/or receiving email addresses. It's very impressive.  

Base CRM Communications Center

To avoid too much clutter, Base keeps email with unrecognized Contact email addresses in a tab called "Untracked Emails". This then provides an easy way to add the Contact or add a Lead.  

Base CRM Untracked Emails

Base CRM also allows you to easily send emails directly from the service. You can also attach documents. A nice feature of Base is that these emails will actually come from your Google Apps account rather than some other server. These emails will also be available in your Sent items which can be very helpful. 

Sending email from the Base CRM system is easy. 

Base CRM has also done an excellent job with their contextual gadget for Gmail. The Gmail gadget gives you a quick and easy way to accomplish several important tasks right from Gmail. 

Base CRM Gmail Gadget

The gadget will check Base CRM for the Contact. If the Contact is not currently in the Base CRM system, you will be presented with the option to "Add the Contact". If the Contact is in the system, or you add the Contact, you'll see a menu to take some additional actions. 

  • Go to the Contact in the Base system
  • Add an opportunity, called Deals in Base
  • Add a Task 
  • Add a Note

Notes are great tools in Base CRM because they are shared with the rest of the team. If you want to share emails with other team members for example, you can convert any email to a Note in the Base CRM system as well.