Happy 25th Birthday to the Web!


Tim invents the Web

 In March of 1989 scientist Tim Berners-Lee wrote a proposal to his bosses at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, which proposed a method of distributing and sharing documents and other information via a global hypertext system, aka the Web. 

Tim invented the Web for one very simple reason: to make sharing easier.  

His goal has been fully realized in the consumer world. In our personal lives, it is extremely easy to share almost any type of information with anyone in the world. Documents, videos, pictures, location, identity etc. etc. etc. Sharing has become so easy, we give it very little thought. While sharing with friends and family has become second nature, sharing at work is often still a huge headache. Sharing between multiple companies still done primarily via email attachments in the exact way Tim was trying to make obsolete.   

The purpose of Umzuzu

Umzuzu exists for one simple reason: we believe it's time to take the Web to work. The Web is 25 after all! 

Berners-Lee: Web apps are really exciting. The fact you can run a Web app once and have it run everywhere -- it's got massive benefits. 

Like the Web itself, the inherent benefit of Web apps are difficult to explain to someone out of context. We frequently talk about how we have "the best clients" and we do. Umzuzu clients understand the power of the Web and they're working hard to realize the benefits of Web apps in their business.

Tim invented the Web because sharing desktop documents and other desktop files is very difficult. There are many different applications, many different formats, and people are in many different locations. The Web turns a file, like a Word document, into a place. The document becomes a URL. When sharing a Google Doc, you don't send a file - you send a URL. It doesn't matter if someone is using a PC, Mac, iPhone or Android device - we can share the URL and collaborate with them. 

The Web and the Internet are separate

We all use the words Web and Internet interchangeably but they are not the same. The Internet was invented in the 1960's based on work by Google's Vint Cerf and many others. The Internet is the infrastructure that makes the modern Web possible. The Internet is the stage, the Web the orchestra (and the patrons).

The beautiful Kauffman Center

Nearly every business, school and government agency leverage the Internet. Very few are leveraging the Web in a meaningful way. Tim invented the Web so we didn't have to email attachments; so we don't have to go searching through file shares; so important knowledge and information isn't beholden to a "work" computer or network; and so we don't have to jump through hoops to share information across geographic and corporate boundaries.

The Web is ready

Today's Web apps are more powerful than ever and improving on a daily basis. Desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone - the Web brings them all together.  

Sharing at work can be just as easy as sharing on Facebook, you just need the Web. 

Thank you Tim!