Personal and Business Dropbox accounts on your devices


Today, by request, you can begin syncing multiple Dropbox accounts to your devices. This is a great new feature of Dropbox for Business so users no longer have to save personal files in their Business Dropbox or vice versa. 

Here we see a Business and Personal Dropbox account on Mac OS X

When we link our Personal and Business accounts, we can also manage both from the same app on the Web. All our Files, Folders, Sharing and Security Settings for both accounts are readily available. 

The Web app allows us to quickly access either linked account. 

Dropbox also added several additional Business features to these accounts. 

In addition to single sign-on, two-step verification, sharing controls, and the admin console, the new Dropbox for Business comes with a suite of new features:

  • Sharing audit logs bring increased visibility and control over sharing and access of company data by letting admins audit the data flow itself.

  • Remote wipe allows admins to delete a Dropbox folder from computers and mobile devices, making it perfect for company departures or device losses.

  • Account transfer lets admins transfer all the files from a de-provisioned user into another team member’s Dropbox, letting teams operate without skipping a beat.

Dropbox for Business includes Unlimited storage. If you have any questions or would like to start a Dropbox for Business trial, contact