Now offering Chromebox for Meetings

Chromebox for Meetings

Chromebox for Meetings

Work is much different today than it was just a few years ago.


  • 73% of clients work with remote customers on a typical day
  • 68% work with remote coworkers
  • 59% work with remote suppliers on a typical day

Each time I meet with clients, I encourage the use of Hangouts over audio conference calls.  Conference calls are usually pretty terrible, there's a reason this recent YouTube video has more than 5,000,000 views. It's funny because it's true. 

Google Hangouts can transform an often mundane and painful activity into something much more productive, even fun. 

Enter Chromebox for meetings. 


Chromebox for Meetings offer several great benefits. 

  • Anyone, Anywhere can participate
  • Instant Collaboration available on-demand
  • High definition, yet low cost
  • Super easy to manage 

For current Google Apps customers, you can manage your users, Google Apps, and devices including Chromebooks and Chromebox for Meetings from the same web-based Google Admin Panel you use today. 

We've participated in a few pilot meetings leveraging Chromebox for Meetings and really enjoyed the experience. We're very excited to now offer them to our partners and clients. 

If you're interested now, please contact