Google Keep adds real-time collaboration

Save what's on your mind and remember anything you need wherever you are. With Google Keep, stay on top of your world by quickly accessing and organizing the information you want. Enter a note with your voice, add a photo, or just type a list. All your notes are instantly saved across your devices.

Google Keep just became much more powerful. Google released Keep about a year and a half ago. Keep is a simple, yet powerful note taking app that works on any mobile device or computer. 

Keep allows you to: 

Create: Take notes using text, photos, or your voice, and add multi-purpose checklists.

Organize: Drag & drop your notes and lists to rearrange them, and archive them when you no longer need them.

Share: Send notes to your contacts and collaborate in real time.

Access: Browse and search notes easily from iOS, Android, Windows, OS X, and Linux. 

Keep's newest feature is the ability to collaborate in real-time, very similar to Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Keep has also added the ability to filter by a range of criteria. 

Sharing works just like Google Docs, select the Share icon and add the email addresses of those you want to share with, they'll get a nice email notice with a link to the Keep Note. 

It's super easy to share the note with collaborators. Google Keep has also made it much easier to filter and search your Notes. Google Keep's search has always been pretty amazing, this is a Google app after all, but you can now filter by a wide range of criteria including checklists, audio notes, pictures, reminders, sharing and by color! 

Teams can quickly create a range of checklists, designated by color based on the needs of the project. Checklists are also easy to reuse ... once you finish the list, uncheck the items to get ready for the next time you need the information. Think of a "New Client Checklist" or your weekly grocery list! 

Google Keep is not the most robust note taking app, like Evernote for example, but it does win points on ease of use, convenience and efficiency. These new features are extremely powerful and very handy. It is important to note that Keep does fall outside of Google's Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Google Apps for Business, Education and Government. However, it's not too difficult to imagine Google Keep replacing Google Tasks, an app that hasn't gotten much update love from Google in the past 5 years. We think Keep is here to stay and these most recent updates seem to support that conclusion. 

If you haven't checked out Keep, you can find it on Apple's App Store, the Google Play Store and on the web at - take it for a spin and let us know what you think.