Chrome Toolbar Update and finding Chrome Web Apps


Google is in the process of rolling out Chrome version 29 which brings some great updates and some changes. 

First and foremost, you'll notice the "New Tab" page no longer offers the ability to toggle between recent sites and your Chrome Web Apps. I use Chrome Web Apps frequently, especially Chrome Remote Desktop, and wasn't able to find them without doing a bit of investigating. I should have paid more attention to Google's directions! 

You can now access Chrome Web Apps like Offline Gmail, Dropbox, Chrome Remote Desktop, Google Keep, Hootsuite, Dropbox etc. from the left side of your bookmarks bar. Google does explain this on their update message, as you can see above, but I didn't read this message carefully enough and missed this part. I thought my Chrome Web Apps would be in the apps area to the right. 

These changes put more content within easy reach. Chrome 29 also provides the ability to reset all browser settings to their original defaults, which should come in handy!