App of the Week: RingCentral


Moving your business telephony system to the Cloud is much easier than you think. You can think of RingCentral like you do Google Apps. All you need is an Internet connection or mobile device and you're ready to go. 

  • Multiple physical or remote offices around the state or country? No problem. 
  • Some employees with desk phones, others leveraging mobile devices? No problem.  
  • Integration with Google, Salesforce, Dropbox and Box? No problem. 
  • Just want to use your mobile devices yet maintain your business number and central business line? No problem.  

The days of clunky phones systems are, thankfully, over! Check out this video to learn more. Telephony in the Cloud has come a long way in the past year, we're excited to have RingCentral as an offering for our clients. 

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