Tip of the Week: Search Google Docs menu


The Google Apps team has rolled out a very useful 'Help' feature in Google Docs, the search box.  

 Google describes the new feature: 

Moving fast and being efficient is an important part of getting work done. Whether you’re trying to change a font size, insert a comment, get to spell check, or align a paragraph -- it’s nice to have technology that can keep up with your train of thought!
That’s why the search box in Docs lets you take quick actions in just a few keystrokes. Visit the ‘Help’ menu or use Alt / to get to the search box, then search for what you’d like to do -- all without having to click through the menu bar.

The search box is currently available in Docs although I expect it will also find its way to Sheets, Slides, Forms and Drawings. Interestingly it is also somewhat contextually aware ... if you're currently working with text that is 'aligned left' and search for 'align' it will only present the other options: 'center', 'right', and 'justified'. As is mentioned above, you can also select the option directly from the search results. Pretty cool!