Box vs. Dropbox: Two great platforms solving big problems

Box vs. Dropbox.jpg

More than 90% of Fortune 500 companies are leveraging Box, Dropbox or both. Each platform offers a wide range of excellent functionality for the business and IT team. The companies, and platforms, do have some important differences though that you should consider when deciding which fits your specific use case the best. Holly Regan over at Software Advice pulled together an excellent comparison of the two platforms. Some key highlights.  

  • Box is more enterprise-centric while box is more consumer-centric. For example, Box offers more admin controls for your IT team, while you probably have more employees already familiar with Dropbox. 
  • Both platforms offer freemium, paid individual and business services. 
  • Dropbox often does a better job of handling photos.  
  • Box allows you to preview Word and Excel files while they must be downloaded from Dropbox before they can be viewed unless they're synced locally.  

Holly's done a great job of reviewing many of the different nuances of the two platforms. You can find the entire overview here. Large organizations will have both platforms in place, different use cases will dictate which platform can be leveraged most effectively.