Securing Dropbox and working with Dropbox security


Over 1 Billion files are saved in Dropbox everyday! In just a little over 5 years, the service has quickly grown into one of the world's most popular file storage and sharing service in the world. The Dropbox service is used in 95% of Fortune 500 companies and by 2 million businesses worldwide. Businesses save over 600 million files to Dropbox every week. 

The challenge for IT teams comes from the fact that most of this use inside of businesses is being done with disjointed and often shared consumer accounts. These consumer accounts run outside the purview of company policy and procedure practices as well as security practices. This leaves the IT team without the capability to know: 

  1. What information is being shared outside our company? 
  2. Who is sharing this information? 
  3. Who is the information being shared with? 
  4. How much data is being stored and shared with Dropbox?  
  5. Which users are leveraging the most storage?  
  6. What user devices are syncing with Dropbox?  
  7. Are our users leveraging two-step verification?  

Etc., etc. etc. These questions are extremely important for security purposes and they can also be very helpful when determining IT cost and chargeback or showback transparency. 

IT teams can secure and control Dropbox with Dropbox for Business. It's easy to move your employees current accounts over to Dropbox for Business and the platform provides admins with: 

Increased visibility

  • View recent activity, web sessions, linked devices, and third party applications for each member of your team.
  • Get a complete picture of activity across the team. Filter by logins, passwords, apps, devices, and members.
  • Generate a downloadable report to give insight into activity for a selected period of time.

Better control

  • Set sharing controls at the account level to keep shared folders and links within the company or allow team members to decide access levels on a case-by-case basis.
  • Require all team members to keep two-step verification enabled.
  • Unlink a team member’s web sessions, devices, or third-party apps and send a password reset email, if necessary.

You can view a quick overview of the Administrative Control panel below. 


Dropbox for Business offers centralized billing, unlimited deletion recovery, phone support from Umzuzu and Dropbox Support, and as much space as you need.

Users have always loved Dropbox and now IT teams can too.