Profiles in Excellence: Küat


Our Profiles in Excellence posts feature great organizations doing great work. These firms run their operations on Google Apps, other tools from the Google Apps Marketplace and the cloud computing ecosystem. 

The NV by Kuat

The NV by Kuat

In less than a decade Küat grew from idea to industry leader in the highly competitive world of bicycle racks. Küat embodies innovation as much as any other American company. Küat, just like Gmail and Dropbox, was innovation born from a dissatisfaction with the status quo. In 2005 founder Luke Kuschmeader had become frustrated with the clumsy, heavy and often thoughtless bicycle racks available in the marketplace. Luke decided to create rack systems that were lighter, easier to use, and more thoughtfully designed than existing racks.  Küat was born and has since grown into the industry leader. 

Any artist can tell you, creating something great from nothing is extremely difficult. You must build a new path where only wilderness existed before. The Küat team had to navigate design, manufacturing processes and materials, assembling, shipping, marketing, sales, support, operations, sponsorships and much more to grow into the firm they are today.   

Like the majority of innovative and rapidly growing businesses, including 98% of Silicon Valley startups, the Küat team turned to Google Apps for Business. Küat is headquartered in Springfield, MO but like most businesses today they are a global operation. Küat's business is designing and delivering the world's best bicycle racks, not managing server hardware, software licensing, upgrades and versions. The world's best technology fades into the background, it stays out of the way and lets you get to work wherever and whenever you want. Küat's racks and Google Apps have a great deal in common.