We've added Dropbox as a Strategic Partner!


Umzuzu is very excited to have joined the Dropbox team as a member of their Partner Program. Millions of people use Dropbox at work. With Dropbox for Business you get the power and security of Dropbox plus robust admin controls, dedicated support, and all the space you need.

Our clients tell us everyday they want to get rid of their servers; managing hardware and software is a distraction from their primary focus. Adding Dropbox as a Strategic Partner provides Umzuzu another platform to help our clients kill their server closets.  

Dropbox is already incredibly popular in the Enterprise, however most employees are leveraging the consumer version of the service. It's also common for employees to share credentials to get around the storage limitations of the consumer service. While this helps employees be productive it also puts them and their data at risk. Most importantly there's little transparency into sharing practices or activity within the account. 

Dropbox for Business delivers all the great functionality and ease of use of the consumer version but also delivers additional control and security the information technology team needs to protect their users and company data.

Dropbox for Business provides unlimited storage and a powerful Admin Console where IT can view member activity, linked devices and apps. The Admin Console also provides easy access to sharing controls for the entire team. Dropbox for Business also provides access to insights and reporting, providing visibility into team member details like account status, recent logins, and team-wide activity. IT teams can also managing sharing permissions, keeping them within the team or allow members to specify access for each shared folder or link. Administrators can also enable two-step verification and set mobile passcodes. 

Dropbox for Business delivers a great combination of easy of use, functionality and control.