Tips for the updated Gmail mobile app


Google just rolled out a large update to Gmail for mobile. Here are a few tips and tricks for working with the new version.  

Multi-select is alive and well

Here's a quick video from Android Police talking about multi-select in the new version of Gmail for Android and iOS. It also talks about the ability to not show the "sender image" which shows up as the picture of your contact or a large letter representing the person's name.  

You can turn off "Sender image" 

In General Settings we can see how to enable/disable the Sender image. I prefer a minimalist interface, so I think I'm going to keep Sender images "off" for now. 

Gmail Android Settings.jpg

Here you can see the differences between Gmail with Sender image disabled and enabled.

Gmail Sender image.png

Swipe to Delete is still available 

To eable Swipe to Delete go to General Settings. 

  1. In Archive & Delete actions select 'Show delete only'
  2. You will now be presented with the 'Swipe to Delete' option in place of  'Swipe to Archive' 
Gmail swipe to delete.png

You can bring the Delete button  back to the primary menu

Lifehacker shares the details about bringing back the Delete button. Here again we make this change in the 'Archive and delete actions' settings. Selecting 'Show archive & delete' will bring the delete icon back to the top menu within each message. 

Have some tricks and tips you want to share? Just let us know.