Profiles in Excellence: Aspire Business Development


Our Profiles in Excellence posts feature great organizations doing great work. These firms run their operations on Google Apps, other tools from the Google Apps Marketplace and the cloud computing ecosystem. 

Aspire Business Development offers business coaching in the Kansas City area. Running a business of any size is difficult work and work that is constantly changing in every way that it can change. Customers change, employees change, markets change, competition changes, and we change. What works for a firm with 10 employees and $2 million in revenue may not work when that firm has 15 employees and suddenly finds itself fighting just to stay flat, much less grow. A $50 million dollar firm has an entirely different set of challenges. Systems, processes, messaging and personnel must be continuously and consistently tested and refined. The world is a chaotic place, yet our businesses must create order and predictability for ourselves, our employees, our customers and our investors. Enter Aspire Business Development.    


Aspire's products are Focus, Clarity and Momentum which they deliver in Kansas City through a variety of services

We're big fans of their Business Book Reviews, an excellent opportunity to learn and interact with other like minded individuals in the Kansas City area.  

Technology Profile  

Aspire leverages Windows on their desktops, Android for smartphones, and iOS for tablets.  The firm does most of their work remotely from client sites. They leverage Google Apps for Business as their messaging and collaboration platform. A stolen laptop highlighted the value of leveraging Cloud Computing in their business. Critical email, scheduling and other data was stored safely and securely on Google's now famous infrastructure. Similar to losing a debit card, while annoying, the truly valuable assets are safe and sound. Company president, Shawn Kinkade, is a big fan of the Chrome extension Boomerang. Boomerang allows you to easily schedule email delivery, set reminders, and managed additional tasks. Another popular Chrome extension within the organization is Rapportive. Rapportive, recently acquired by Linkedin, offers rich contact information and social context about the people you communicate with right within Gmail. The firm has leveraged additional applications from the Google Apps Marketplace, including Insightly and Smartsheet.  Aspire has also been testing Streak, a Gmail-centric CRM platform that lets you manage sales, customer support, hiring and additional information right within your Gmail inbox. 

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