Provide Remote Support directly from Hangouts


Hangouts are one of our favorite features in Google Apps for Business, they allow for simultaneous video chat with up to 14 other people. You can also do much more than video chat; including: screen share; realtime collaborative notes, documents, presentations, forms, or spreadsheets; and you can add additional applications to bring more functionality into Hangouts. Now you can also provide Remote Desktop support via Hangouts. 

From the More Apps menu, you'll now see Remote Support.

Once added you'll be able to initiate Remote Support sessions from within your Hangout. The other party will need to grant you permission for the one time session. Because you’re both in a Hangout, you can talk with and see each other during the session. 

IT departments are always working to improve their relationship with their internal or external customers, adding a personal touch to remote support is a great way to start!