Add Events to Calendar right from Gmail


Google adds new features and functionality to Google Apps nearly every day. This rapid pace is called continuous innovation. It's the first time in history applications get better over time rather than becoming outdated. In the old world, every 3 to 5 years you would go out and spend a bunch of money (millions for larger firms) in order to gain access to new features. Not anymore. 

We really like this most recent feature, it's rolling out across Google Apps domains over the next few days (it will be a bit longer if your domain is set to Scheduled vs Rapid Release).  

Gmail leverages the power of an entire fleet of data centers, rather than a single disk like Outlook, which obviously enables a much more powerful application.

Gmail will now recognize dates and times within emails and lightly underline the content; clicking on the date and time will allow you to schedule the meeting or event on your Google Calendar. 

This new feature promises to save several minutes every day, which add up. Learning to leverage Gmail and the rest of the Google Apps suite will save you weeks of time every year. Let us know if you see the new feature in the next few days and what you think.