Tip of the Week: Keep your browser in tip top shape!


When you help people leverage modern web applications all day, you inevitably spend a lot of time talking about browsers.

The #1 question we get is, "which browser should I use?" More important than which browser you use is that you use the most recent version. You can check in the browser's settings, or many times if you visit the browser's web site, it will let you know if you're on the most recent version. Many browsers are moving towards automatic updates, helping people keep their software up to date.  

OK, so which browser should you use? Chrome or Firefox. Those are our recommendations. They're both very fast, offer rich features, available across multiple devices and operating systems, and have rich ecosystems of add-on applications typically called "extensions" or "apps".  

So, you have Chrome or Firefox installed, how do you keep them in tip top shape? 

  1. Keep clutter to a minimum. If you don't use an extension or Chrome App, delete it from your browser. Every extension adds more "weight" to your browser. Think of it like carrying a backpack; obviously it's only worth hauling something around if you're actually going to use it.  
  2. Keep your browser up to date. I know we covered this above, but it is worth repeating. An older version of a browser will certainly be slower but it also puts you at risk as security enhancements are a primary focus of browser development. The newest version is the smartest version.
  3. Clean our your cache and history periodically.  If your browser is acting up, often something as simple as clearing the cache can set the world right again. To a point this data helps your browser's performance but it too can become cluttered. 
  4. Have a second option. My go-to browser is Chrome, but I often use Firefox as well. By using both, I keep both up to date. I have many of my favorite extensions installed on both. All software breaks from time to time, if either browser acts up I have another option ready to go. 

If you have any thoughts or questions, just let us know. Happy browsing!